As you may know I took part in the Lake District 100km challenge last Saturday and I’m delighted to say that I got around in just about one piece! I just thought I’d give you a little summary of how the day went:

I ran with Fiona, my friend, and we had a plan to do the distance as two 50 kilometre runs over the Saturday and Sunday.

I’m not sure if it was the very hot sun getting to us, the copious amount of sugar we consumed as we fuelled up, or whether the tumble I took at mile 11 knocked me a bit senseless (yes, I fell again!), but we both agreed that we’d prefer to go for it in one day.

I can say that with 19 miles to go and after ‘hitting the wall’ when I’d climbed the large third hill, I questioned whether I should have gone for the continuous run.  However, I managed to get some food in me and carried on running for another 11 miles.

14.46 hours in, with eight miles to go we paused at the rest stop at Levens before the final climb and big downhill into Kendal. We said, simple, but like many others at this point, I just couldn’t eat anything more, I couldn’t even speak except to answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to questions.

However, we gritted our teeth and pushed on. By this time it was dark and we were on a mountain using a headtorch and glowsticks to show us the way. There wasn’t a chance I could run, knowing there was more rocks to topple over with nothing left in the tank at all, so we walked it

It is physically the hardest thing I’ve had to do, and it was a case of pushing through with grit and determination.

Funnily enough, it was my mind that was the challenging part rather than my legs at this stage. I needed to convince myself that I CAN do this and I searched deep within me to find a strong mind to carry on. Through countless fields in the dark, I chose not to give up and let it beat me.

A bit cliché I know (sorry in advance), but this is the time when you think about all the people you love and what they mean to you, in all honesty for me, it was John and the kids that got me over the finish line.

This experience has made me think about those we know who are fighting their own battles and demons every single day, whether it be cancer, mental health or many others. It also made me spare a thought for the amazing people who support their loved ones that are struggling.

My challenge was just one day; my admiration and total respect goes out to EVERY single person who takes on this battle every single day, those who never give up no matter how tough it gets, YOU are the absolute legends in my eyes!

My results are pictured below.

My friend and I came 3rd and 4th out of the women taking part and 55th and 56th respectively out of the 1,467 participants.

I have to say I’m delighted with this unexpected result! Only 80% completed the distance they entered, and I saw people throughout the route in tears, physically struggling to get to the finish.

Why do they put themselves through it you may ask?  Each one of them had a very personal story of why they were competing, most were doing it for charities very close to their hearts, my challenge was for Secondary1st.

Secondary1st is a registered charity in the UK, helping to fund vital research seeking a cure for secondary breast cancer.

Secondary breast cancer kills 1,000 women each month in the UK alone, it’s such an important cause and I’m proud to say we’ve currently raised £720 for this amazing charity.