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What is JH SOFA?
JH SOFA is a secure online file access facility – it allows you to have secure access to your maintenance records, repairs reports and other useful JH Mechanical information via the web.

How can it help me?
·         Provides easy access to information at your finger-tips;
·         Provides a secure back-up of your property maintenance records;
·         Helps to prepare for any inspections / health and safety audits;
·         Helps to demonstrate you have fulfilled your statute and regulatory requirements

Is it secure?
Yes; access to your files requires you to enter a unique username and password which is supplied by JH Mechanical Services.  The files are stored online and have full Microsoft security protection which includes SSL encryption. This is the same encryption used by banks for their e-banking systems. To find out more, please click here

How do I access the files?
Please click here for your login guide.  Access and authorisation levels are determined by your organisation and this must be authorised by a senior representative in your organisation.  A copy of the authorisation sheet will be kept by JH Mechanical and these can be amended / revoked at any time if required by the senior representatives.

I can access the files, but what if I accidentally delete them?
You can’t – the files are read only and cannot be deleted and all files are securely backed up automatically.  If you want to have your files removed at any time from the online system, this can be arranged by JH Mechanical Services Limited, subject to appropriate authorisation by your company.

Can I save my files onto my own pc?
Yes you can.  The files can also be printed and copies saved for your on-site log for easy reference.

Who do I get in touch with if I want to find out more?
Please call JH Mechanical Services main number on 01642 614 641 or email for more details.

I am already signed up to accessing files online but I have an issue in gaining access today, who do I get in touch with?
You can contact the admin team on 01642 614 641 or via email