Over the last few weeks we have welcomed four students into the business to complete Mechanical and Electrical work placements.

As a business we are passionate about providing opportunities for all young people to experience the environment of a real workplace which will help them to plan and evaluate future study and career development.

By offering work placement opportunities we intend to provide students with the opportunity to develop the interpersonal skills required to enable them to work efficiently as a member of the team.

They work directly alongside some our experienced engineers to acquire and develop technical skills associated with the nature of work.

Alexander Ahmed, Mechanical Work Placement

Alexander Ahmed, a Y10 student from Nunthorpe Academy in Middlesbrough, joined us on the 1st of July for a one week Mechanical work placement.

Alex completed a range of different works from servicing domestic boilers at Teesside University to completing air handling unit maintenance under supervision.

He said: “It was a week filled with work and different jobs that kept me interested and involved and made me want to turn up every day with a positive attitude, all of the staff were kind and welcoming.

I really enjoyed how I was always faced with something different and I think this experience has greatly increased my knowledge in this field which I would like to pursue in the future.”

Stacey Worton, Work Experience and CEIAG Administrator at Nunthorpe Academy said: “We would like to thank JH Mechanical Services for taking a school student on work experience this year.

We appreciate all the time and effort taken by your colleagues and organisation to support our programme and we hope you found the experience rewarding as I know Alex did.”

Adam Allen, James Currie and Lewis Doran also joined us to complete a 2 week electrical work placement.

All three students kept a diary to log what they were getting up to on a daily basis as they travelled to different sites alongside our electrical engineers.

Adam said: “I enjoyed the variety of work I was able to do from domestic work at Chesterton Court [a Thirteen Group owned property], commercial work at Teesside University to the testing of emergency lighting and fire alarm systems at various Academies among other jobs as well.

It has been an amazing experience and I am glad to have received this opportunity, I have no doubt it will help me further my education and hopefully secure an apprenticeship within the electrical industry.”

James said: “I have really enjoyed my placement and I think this whole experience will help me in my career as I have learnt what it is like to work on a real site and with other trades as well.”

Lewis said: “I feel like I have learnt a lot within 2 weeks and enjoyed every but of working within the electrical department.

I think this experience will hugely benefit me as I know things now which perhaps other people my age won’t know so I will have the upper hand.”

All four students successfully completed their work placements and now have an array of knowledge, skills and experience under their wing to start them off on their journey to becoming mechanical and electrical engineers.

John Heward, Managing Director said: “We are delighted to have been a part of encouraging young people to get into engineering and providing them with an opportunity to learn first hand the skills that are needed which are not learnt in a classroom setting.

The students are now able to show an understanding of the mechanical and electrical industries , the services we provide and why they are important as well as which other companies provide these services locally and they are aware of what challenges they may be faced with over the next 5-10 years.

It has been a pleasure to have them on board and it was great to see the determination and willingness to learn from all of them.

We wish them all the best of luck for the future.”