Last night our Managing Director John Heward joined over 60 other business leaders in the latest CEO Sleepout event.

The Middlesbrough based charity raises funds to help tackle homelessness and poverty in Teesside, the charity runs nationwide hosting local events across the UK throughout the year.

Local business executives volunteer to sleep out for 1 night to make a stand and pledge to raise at least £800 for the charity.

This was John’s first time taking part in a sleep out raising just under £500 so far.

The outdoor Victorian Street within Preston Park Museum played host to the event on what was an extremely bitter night.

John said: “It was incredibly eye opening to experience what it is like to sleep rough and hard to imagine what it must be like to have no choice but to endure this every single night.

It was extremely cold, wet and hard to sleep. It is good to know that money raised is going to well needed charities in the area that are battling homelessness and trying to keep people off the streets.”

All together Teesside’s sixth event is set to have raised around £50,000.

CEO Sleep out founder and mayor of Middlesbrough Andy Preston was among the crowd, over the years via events all across the country, CEO Sleep out has raised £2.7 million with nearly 3,000 business leaders sleeping rough.