We are so excited to continue our fundraising efforts in aid of the incredible Secondary 1st.

To date we have raised a whopping £8,100 through a series of fundraising events last year such as the Great North Run, bake sales, booze hampers, work lotteries and not forgetting our Black Tie Dinner at Wynyard Hall at the end of the year which was a huge success.

This year we are ready to up the game!

First to kick things off all the way in Barcelona, our Finance Director Heather Heward will be running the Barcelona Marathon on Sunday 15th March.

Then, on Friday 5th June our Managing Director John Heward will be taking on the huge challenge that is the Great North Swim.

We have also secured places for the Great North Run which will be the events 40th Birthday on Sunday 13th September.

In between all of those main events we are currently planning a Pie & Peas Quiz Night, Team JH Tough Mudder, more bake sales, more lotteries and bonus balls and of course the planning has begun for our Black Tie Ball – details will be confirmed soon.

Information about all of the above will be posted across our social media channels and our online fundraising page is now LIVE – Click here to make a donation or share our story.

As a team we have been truly overwhelmed by the support we have received from the business community, friends and family and all of the generous donations and contributions that have came our way.

For those who don’t know, Secondary 1st is a charity that is incredibly close to our hearts.

Our Senior Mechanical Contracts Manager Liam McDermott tragically lost his wife to secondary breast cancer at the end of 2018, leaving behind their 4 boys. His story has touched the hearts of many and is the reason why we have pledged to continue our support for Secondary 1st who are on a mission to fund vital research into the diagnosis and prevention of secondary breast cancer as well as the development of more effective treatments.

You can read Liam’s full story here.

There is currently no cure for the disease which is responsible for the deaths of around 1,000 women every month in Britain.

Finding a cure means a diagnosis is no longer the end. Approximately 5 in every 100 people with breast cancer already have a secondary tumour when their first cancer is diagnosed. Doctors and researchers estimate that another 35 our of 100 people with primary breast cancer will develop secondary breast cancer within the first decade of the initial diagnosis.

Further research, better awareness and more effective treatments are critical.

Together we can beat the odds.

It’s time to put secondary first.